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Novel paramagnetic materials, surface activation and nucleic acid modification chemistries with applications in biology, chemistry, health/medicine/diagnostics and the environment.


The partners propose the development and commercialization of several discrete but overlapping areas of materials science and materials chemistry for emerging applications in biology, health, diagnostics, chemistry, process engineering and the environment. The project concentrates on 3 main themes where existing technology is limited and there are market opportunities. These are (i) Paramagnetic silica nano-particles functionalised with novel surface chemistries and ligands, (ii) surface activation chemistries involving electro-oxidation and chemical Polymerization of N-substituted dicarbazoles and dipyrroles and (iii) new, improved chemistries for DNA/RNA modification and manipulation. At least 10 new products (protected by patent where applicable) are envisaged accessing a total market in excess of 1 billion Euro pa within 2 years of the end of the project.


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University of Greenwich
Wellington street woolwich
SE18 6PF London
United Kingdom

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