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New cubic silicon carbide material for innovative semiconductor devices


Silicon Carbide (SiC) is today considered as the first semiconductor material which will enable development of high power /high temperature electronic devices and industrial high temperature sensors. There are 2 main polytypes of SiC crystals : hexagonal and cubic. Only commercial hexagonal SiC is currently available on the market, which is dominated by one US company. Today the physical and electronic properties of Cubic SiC are approximately known. However some of these properties present considerable interest and most of the current hexagonal SiC applications could get advantage from the use of cubic Sic. Cubic SiC would also allow to get new devices, the MOS structures, which are still missing today due to hexagonal SiC limitations. To realize the full potential of SiC as semiconductor material, the aim of SOLSIC is to develop bulk cubic Sic crystals and waters to update cubic SiC properties and process MOS demonstrator devices.

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