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New athermal material to be used for the manufacture of injection nozzle in cold runner blocks for rubber injection


The main problem linked with rubber is due to the difficulty of processing. Consequently, this leads to an important quantity of materials loss during processing and a lack of quality on rubber processed with usual injection channels (inhomogeneity of the curing conditions in the mould). This problem is partially solved with Cold Runner Blocks (CRB) because you have several injection nozzles. But the current injection nozzles and CRB plate (both made in steel) need to be cooled by a rigid system using water or oil which limits the placement of injection nozzles to parallel lines. Main claimed innovative aspects of the project are :
-A new material with a thermal properties to manufacture the nozzles
-A CRB with no cooling system
-Possible asymmetrical position of nozzles leading to increase in productivity, quality of parts, number of cavities in moulds,The RTD objectives of the project are to select and adapt the a thermal material to manufacture nozzles, to define and optimize its processing and to design and manufacture the injection CRB systems to satisfy the rubber industry needs.

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