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The potential for novel selenium and cobalt products to improve working conditions and reduce environmental emissions during flint glass manufacture


The proposal seeks to investigate specific technical benefits of novel forms of the trace inclusions selenium (Se) and cobalt (Co) in flint glass manufacture. Seand Co are used to remove color in the glass caused by impurities in bulk raw materials. The technical benefits are believed to lie in the fields of technological performance of Se and Co inclusions in glass batch production, improved delivery of Se and Co to the glass furnace, reduced emissions of toxic species to atmosphere, improved glass quality and improvements in worker health and safety.
The objectives of the proposal are to
1) compare the technological performance of the novel forms with current industry sources of Se and Co in glass batch (granulometry, dust emissions, mixing performance);
2) compare emissions of Se during melting of batch containing existing sources and the novel forms;
3)compare decolorizing properties of the novel forms with existing sources;
4)compare other glass quality indices.

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