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Deepdrawing under drt conditions


Deep drawing or metal parts is a normal industrial practice but lacing severe technological problems. To reduce friction lubricants are used which cause ecological Problems and initiate extra costs. Self-lubrificating coating could offer here a solution, so that the use of lubrificants could be reduced. Innovative solutions will be selected based on MoS2 coatings with excellent properties at higher relative humidity and which were developed in a Eureka project. Priority will be given to the up scaling of these new coating to the rather difficult geometries of deep drawing tools. The introduction of these new coatings will be done using a computer modelling approach and a laboratory test equipment. Existing software packages and test infrastructure will be demonstrated vs. the industrial applications and optimised so that the selection of the appropriate deep drawing parameters -e.g. to manufacture difficult product geometries- and self lubrificating coating could be done in an efficient way. The feasibility of this project approach will be subject of a step 1 Exploratory Award Proposal.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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