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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Innovative prestress systems for g.r.c strutural elements


The GRC precast structural elements have high durability as no steel is incorporated. Unfortunately use this material prestress must be applied. The use of unbounded pre-stress presents some technical problems related to steel relaxation and to the anchorage systems. Besides that to obtain elements corrosion free pre-stress tendons must be made of non metallic materials, namely fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tendons, made of glass , aramid or carbon fibers. The use of these materials in pre-stress presents technical difficulties namely associated with their interaction and adherence with GRC. If these problems are overcome then the precast industry has quite a new material with economical, social/environment advantages and with a very high durability. This project as the aim of developing new pre-stress systems to be applied in GRC structural elements, with the emphasis in the use of FRP tendons. Solutions for the rope protection, adherence, anchorage, pre-stress control and pre-stress behavior along time will be analyzed. Prototypes of GRC element pre-stressed with the new systems will be built and tested.

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