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Production of a new material: recycled and coloured polypropylen


Recycled polypropylene has been on the market for a few years and it is not much used in the field of thermoplastic moulding yet. A high percentage of the market , that is all the companies manufacturing products that have important aesthetic functions, cannot use this new material. In fact, nowadays, the only colour available on the market is grey and different supplies of raw materials do not have an acceptable degree of colour uniformity.this projects aims at studying the method to obtain four different gradations of colour. During the first phase we will :
1-develop and define a range of ral colours that can be obtained. The range of colours obtainable will have to be specified together with manufacturers of colouring additives for plastic ;
2-carry out a market research in order to be able to find out the most fashionable and the most marketable colours (among those that are in the range selected). During the second phase :
3 - we intend to carry out some practical tests on the basis of the colours selected adding new masters and aiming to achieve the looked-for gradations ;
4-segis will check all the results and will give the final approval once the material is used in the products.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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