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Heavy front wheel truck spring


The existing steel spring is limited by its weight and because when a steel spring breaks, you have not had any warnings until it suddenly breaks which means that you can't continue transport until the truck has been repaired. By glass reinforced polyester (GRP) spring you can notice when a delamination has started (can be seen during normal service) and the truck can be called in for service. Furthermore, the spring will not break but will continuously delaminate more and more and thereby become softer but you will always be able to bring the truck in for service. GRP truck springs will give a better ride for the driver, minimize the possibility of breaking down during the drive (could lead to accident) as well as a better spring system should make the ride more safe . GRP springs reduce the weight and damage to the road surface by truck transport substantially as well as the suspension is improved under all circumstances. Today such a product doesn't exist and a new development is needed.


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