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Development of an inorganic-organic hybrid copolymer coating technology for improving wear resistivity of pur surfaces


The goal of this project is the development of a technology to produce and apply wear and scratch resistant nanolaminated coatings for polyurethane materials based on UV-hardening inorganic-organic hybrid polymers. The inorganic-organic hybrid polymers shall be engineered in a way that they provide scratch and wear resistivity, anti-static function, easy-to-clean function, biofilm prevention function, improved fire resistance, UV-hardening. Research shall be conducted regarding the built-in of functional groups into the silicate frame to manipulate the hydrophobic, oleophobic and hydrophilic property of the coating. This shall improve cleaning of the PUR (e.g. from graffiti, reject oil and grease. Realizing an UV hardening of the coating is of great importance for temperature sensitive materials or structures since it shortens hardening times, saves energy, does not induce temperature stresses in the coating and PUR substrate and assures stability in dimension of the to be coated PUR part. The coating further minimizes the risk of toxic compound production when exposed to flame or other high heat source.

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