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Thin phosphate glass coatings for highly oxidation sensitive metals - a base for a complex coating systems


Knowledge and technology of glass coating on highly oxidation sensitive metals like titanium alloys, aluminum, ferrum alloys shall be transferred to the host institution. It will be used in biomedical and technical applications. For biomedical purpose this layer can be used as a biocompatible intermediate layer between the substrate and other functional layers such as hydroxyapatite. For technical purpose the layer itself may be used for wear resistance and oxidation protection for gas turbines and engines. Furthermore, it can be used as an intermediate layer for other coatings to achieve dumping properties, for instance. The applicant is experienced researcher in the field of glass coating technologies for aerospace industry of former USSR. That's why it can lead to the transfer of already well-developed coating technologies on niobium substrates to other metals like titanium, magnesium, and aluminum and their alloys. These metals are actually used as advanced materials in transport industries for engines, turbines and as construction materials. Furthermore, titanium is widely used in biomedical application. Phosphate glass coatings already have shown good biocompatibility. Therefore, these coatings can also be used for advanced applications in implant technologies.

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