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Metrology for anisotropic and lateral thermal transport in solids and thin films (METROTHERM)


METROTHERM meets an urgent European industry need to support current developments in new materials with thermal metrology instrumentation. Affordable instrumentals are needed to map the lateral thermal transport in materials in multiple thin layer formats, which are unsuitable for measurement by existing methods. The project will leverage existing research expertise in Europe to deliver prototype instruments for exploitation by European companies within 12 months of completion. Thermal diffusivity mapping for a wide range of thermally conductive materials will be achieved. For low diffusivity samples thermally anisotropic, uniaxial electrically conductive adhesives (currently intended to replace lead-based solder) will be assessed for a consortium partner. Very high thermal conductivity materials being developed by an end user partner for electronic interconnection will have an efficient characterization method for the first time.

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