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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Hygrothermal properties of carbon fibre reinforced composites (HYGROTHERM)


Carbon fibre reinforced polymere composites have a great potential as structural materials for aeronautics, aerospace, automotive and marine industry since they exhibit outstanding stiffness and strength to weight ratio, and therefore lead to significant reduction of energy consumption. However, the material properties are strongly influenced by the moisture diffusion within the polymeric matrices. The objectives of the project are to establish methods for the investigation of moisture effects on CFRP supporting process optimization and set up of new production technologies and to provide testing facilities and methods for the determination of the moisture influence on CFRP for materials qualification procedures in industrial environment. The testing methods and results will directly benefit the industrial partners in terms of cost and quality of products and contribute to materials development for e.g. satellites and vehicles.
- High resolution facility for the measurement of the Coefficient of moisture expansion in vacuum environment at ambient temperature
- Assessment of the THS-Transient Hot strip-method for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of CFRPs considering moisture effect
- Verification of MR imaging for the detection of moisture in polymere composite materials, description of diffusion mechanism and estimation of diffusion and relaxation rates
- Measurement results for electron beam cured carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites.

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