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Techniques and materials for the measurement of dc and ac conductivity of non-ferrous metals and alloys (CONDUCTIVITY)


Conductivity measurements are used as an inspection method for alloys used in aircraft manufacture. The relationship between the mechanical hardness and the conductivity of alloys is well known. Many standards are traceable through measurements at DC but are used in industry around 60kHz. This would be satisfactory if the materials had uniform properties throughout their thickness.
Problem 1 is there is no uniformity in the measurement results across Europe.
Problem 2 is the present range of values is not wide enough and the homogeneity is not good enough, hampering the translation of measurements at DC to 60 kHz. Problem 3 is there may be a new and promising method which is not developed at present and is thus not available for industrial use. The objectives address these problems and will result in improved and more widely available measurement techniques, and knowledge of a new material which may provide improved standards.

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