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Development of certified reference materials for allergenic products and validation of methods for their quantification (CREATE)


Allergen products used for diagnosis and treatment of allergy are based on natural, heterogeneous allergen extracts. Standardization of these complex biologicals is based on measurement of their overall IgE binding potency by skin tests and immunoassays with pooled allergic sera. Differences in composition are not revealed and the major disease related components, the major allergens, are not individually quantified. Consequently, allergen products on the market are ill defined and not directly comparable. Measurement of major allergens in mass units is the solution to this problem. The proposal aims at the development of CRMs based on recombinant or natural versions of 8 major allergens from 4 of the most important allergen sources in Europe: birch, grass and olive pollen and house dust mite. Recombinant allergens will be compared physico-chemically and immunologically with their natural counterparts. Based on this analysis, candidate CRMs will be selected. In addition, monoclonal antibody based sandwich ELISAs for their measurement will be produced and validated. Together this will improve standardization and comparability of allergen products, resulting in increased safety and efficacy.

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