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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Carob bean or guar: developing an anti-fraud methodology


European Directive (98/86/EC) presents an important gap in the technical description of procedure to distinguish between two food additives E-410 (carob bean) and E-412 (guar). This fact allows the fraud on the use and on the purity of specific additives by end users European companies are in a disadvantaged situation respecting Asian ones. The use of E-412 instead of E-410 affect directly to European market. The undetectable adulteration of carob bean gum batches with guar gum, affect to the price of the product. The adulteration (10-40%) causes reduction of the price of some batches(70-90%) of the real costs. The fraud supposes an illegal and uncontrolled competence against European companies. As consequence, the actual situation acts indirectly on sustainable growth of their employs. That is why is necessary the development of a new method capable to discriminate between both types of additives to give solution to this problem.

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