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Automated spectographic egg-inspection system for the production of poultry vaccines


Today, the inspection of eggs during the production of poultry vaccines is done manually. Eggs for poultry vaccine production are candled all way through their embryonic development. "Candlers" try to identify the right time for harvesting the vaccines from the egg and remove non-viable eggs on the basis of their internal color, the embryonic development stage, the embryos location in the egg, possible damages of the embryo etc. Such techniques are difficult and unreliable although corresponding experts are well trained and experienced in conducting this work. Experiences show that, since the work is extremely monotonous, the error rate is in the range of 5-15%. Additionally, the time required for inspecting a single egg is with approx. 15 seconds comparatively high and pose a bottle neck for increasing productivity in poultry vaccine production. The objective of this project is the development of an automated non-invasive optical method for the detection of infected, rotten and dead eggs as well as for the determination of the exact harvesting time in poultry vaccine production.

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