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Surface profile measurement and paving optimisation


Precise measurement of the profile of the substrate before paving a motorway and comparison with the profile target is necessary for full optimization of material used and for quality control. The objective is to provide an operational, flexible and user friendly, system for road paving operations and similar operations. It includes /- A high precision Laser Measuring Platform (LMP) comprising a mechanical mount supporting a dual-beam laser scanning projector and a downward facing laser scanning distance meter - A set of four auto-tracking optical transponding beacons - A system computer for signal and data processing on the paver - The software necessary for extracting 6-D spatial parameters for the LMP and for generation of the profile of the newly paved road surface. - A technical report on the feasibility of realizing a simultaneous positioning system for Compactors. - A prototype for demonstrating simultaneous Compactor guidance.

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