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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Ultraviolet laser facility


The three most significant projects were:

- Laser photocathodes for high-current low-divergence electron beams. A research group from the University of Lyon (F) together with researchers from FORTH developed an excimer laser-driven photo cathode capable of producing electron beams with current densities of 28kA/cm2, from a gold metallic plate target by using KrF laser, emitting pulses of 450 fs at 248 nm.

- Laser-induced continuum structure (LICS). The coupling of a bound atomic state with a smooth continuum via a strong electromagnetic field may induce structure in the continuum, which can be probed with a second field. The possibility of externally controlling absorption vs excitation through LICS may provide feasible schemes for the development of new laser sources emitting at short wavelengths.

- Ultraviolet lasers as a tool for restoration of works of art. Conservators from the Athens National Gallery have worked with FORTH researchers to develop the world's first non-destructive cleaning techniques for restoration of priceless paintings. Using excimer laser and diagnostics equipment, paintings' substrate - canvas, paper or wood have been successfully restored. It has also been demonstrated that this technique is capable of successfully recovering paintings from 'over-paintings'.
This project brought together 29 researchers from 19 research organisations in 9 EU Member States. The combined use of the FORTH Ultraviolet System by these researchers totalled 45 weeks. The various national research groups used the facility for different periods of time, ranging from one manweek (Denmark and Italy) to nearly six manweeks (Portugal and Ireland).

28 reports of the research done at the facility have been published in internationally-refereed scientific publications. This research has been presented at 25 international conferences. Seven international patents have been applied for as a result of this research, and several other industrial applications (materials science) are presently underway.


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