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Improve and optimise the development and utilization of the European Pulsed Muon Facility at ISIS


The three main objectives of building the EC Muon Facility at ISIS were: to divide the existing single muon beamline into three, therefore allowing three experiments to be performed simultaneously; to construct a new muon spectrometer; and to establish a Muon Users Programme for EU scientists wishing to use the power of muon techniques in their research.

The EC Muon Facility at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory, originally commissioned in 1987, has been upgraded from a single beam facility to one that can provide three simultaneously functioning experimental areas.

Currently about 160 instrument days per year are available to the EC Muon User Programme. This has allowed scientists from six EU member countries to complete 18 projects prior to February 1993. A further 39 projects were completed in the second half of 1993.

The research covers physics, chemistry and materials science. While the overall use of the ISIS facility was dominated by UK scientists (59.3%), the usage of the EC Muon Facility is distributed more evenly between the EU Member States, with allocation to UK projects being less than 25%.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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