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European Data Resource for Human Genome Research


Within the framework of the proposed project, a data resource center should be funded to provide informatics support for the European human genome research community in the acquisition, management, and analysis of human genomic data. The resource centre should provide on-line access to the most important databases in the field of genome mapping, sequencing and analysis, network services and general information retrieval tools. It will have to install up-to-date software for the scientieic evaluation of genomic data and make available specific compute servers in Heidelberg for the efficient processing of those data by a large user community through network. The staff, of the data resource should support the users by telephone hotlines, electronic-mail, a regular newsletter, database and software documentation, training workshops, technical courses and scientific meetings. They will have to host specific developers' Workshops on new aspects of genome computing and provide scholarships at post-doctoral and senior scientist levels, respectively, to promote collaborative European research projects whose developments will be installed at the resource center and made available for all its users. The center will have to contribute to the core activites of GDB by implementing curators, a nomenclature node, aliterature scanning functionality, a Unix programmer, and funding of visiting scientist at GDB.
The data resource will develop a locally-editable version of GDB in close collaboration with the Baltimore group and based on the IGD technology (using the ACEDB DBMS) and its implementation for GDB editors and Single Chromosome Workshop organisers, respectively. It should contribute to the further integration of data into the Integrated Genomic Database (IGD), to the maintenance of the central IGD server, to cooperate with and support of further national IGD server nodes in Europe. It will implement and support new developments as specified in the research plan of the IGD consortium.


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