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Provision of a European YAC resource through a coordinated consortium


It is proposed to form a coordinated consortium for providing a YAC Resource to eligible European scientists. This consortium will be made up of groups who are already sponsored by the EC for individually providing such a service, plus additional members whose skills will enhance the range of possible options. Providing a YAC screening source in this way will allow for greater interchange between the groups providing the resource. This in turn will ensure the best methods are being used in the most effective places, that data is pooled and widely disseminated and that fluctuations in levels of demand can be accommodated by sharing screenings and facilities.
All four major YAC libraries (CEPH megayac, ICI, ICRF and St. Louis) plus some chromosome specific libraries (1p, 17, 19q, Xp), prepared by the Dutch group, will be made available for screening. Screening can be by PCR or by hybridization to high density grids. Grids will be provided as large or as small arrays. PCR will be performed at the resource centres or in users own laboratories using pools provided by the resource centres. Hybridization screening will also be performed in one of the Resource Centres using probes supplied by users. Opportunity will be provided for users to work to a limited extent in the resource centres, to perform activities which are too specialised to be offered as a general service or are applications of isolated YACs.
Data will be collected centrally, placed into the ICRF reference library database and made available publically on-line. Users will be able to request clones that have been previously characterised. Data will be used to construct a physical-map which will be used to complement other genome maps and will also be made publically available.
The UK represented by Dr. Keith Gibson will act as the coordinators responsible for the internal management and administration of the proposals Management of the activities will be performed locally, with periodic meetings of the consortia to address matters arising. The meetings will be at each host institute in turn with the head of that laboratory chairing.


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