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EOCS:HSC envisages telematics support for the training of European health and social care professionals in line with internationally adopted standards. The project will launch a feasibility study for an interactive multimedia bank of case studies to identify, measure and monitor appropriate skills for this sector. The bank concept will cover provision of suitable materials for training in higher education and commercial centres, and better harmonised training standards and qualifications. Financial viability and impact of such a bank on training methods will also be considered.

Some 40 Targets for Health have been identified by the WHO and adopted by the EU for achievement by year 2000. Achievement will require a trained workforce operating to high quality standards. This proposal is for a feasibility study to explore effective ways in which multimedia telematics could be used in the training of health and social care workers to assist the development of improved standards to which the workforce is trained.

OBJECTIVE: to assist those responsible for education and training of the health and social care workforce to clearly identify skills and competencies required and to enable them to design and implement relevant training programmes which would be consistent across EU Member States and relevant to achievement of the Targets for Health.

OUTCOME: the development of a structural framework using interactive multimedia accessed by telematics. This project envisages the creation of a European interactive multimedia "bank" of case studies illustrating the skills, knowledge and competency required from those working in a wide range of occupations in health and social care. Using interactive multimedia technology each video case study would offer continuous analysis of functional skills including knowledge requirements, competency outcomes, and considerations such as awareness of humanity and respect for cultural sensitivities.

MEASURABLE INDICATORS: the feasibility study will develop a set of measurable indicators of success which would be applied to the development and operation of an interactive multimedia "bank". Indicators would be proposed to measure financial viability, impact on training methods and value to trainers and to health care managers.

FUNCTIONS: the concept of a European " bank" of multimedia case studies will provide:

1° training materials : for commercial training organisations and colleges and universities, with essential source material demonstrating stills and competencies in real work situations.

2° development of standards: assist the development of improved qualifications by identifying best practice in a wide range of healthcare situations demonstrating new emergent practice relevant to European health targets.

3° comprehension of standards: lead to substantial improvements in the "communication" of job functions, skills and knowledge in the context of actual practice. In this context it would assist harmonisation of qualifications thus reducing impediments to mobility of labour.

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