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PLANEC is aimed at an intelligent information system for administration and planning of State sector and other forms of care for elderly people. It is expected to lead to a validated marketable prototype, and an appraisal of IT (information technology) needs and potential for welfare planning. A specialized key terminology for comparative research will be an additional benefit. Project demonstration will cover a database on demographics and other aspects of care services, a module for their monitoring and evaluation, and simulation of alternative care systems.

The PLANEC-project designs, develops, demonstrates and evaluates an intelligent information system for socio-economic monitoring, evaluation and strategic planning of elder care. End-users of PLANEC are care policy actors responsible for organization, administration and economy as well as for planning and development of elderly care (e.g. national, regional and local authorities, care providers, financing agencies) and researchers in the socio-economics of care. The anticipated results of the PLANEC-project are (1) a verificated and demonstrated prototype application with relevant market analysis, (2) an analysis on needs, potential and future axploration of IT on the care planning at the European level, and (3) a key terminology with scientific specifications and operationalisations (PLANEC-indicators), relevant to the European comparative research of care.

The PLANEC-demonstrator will compose of

(1) a relational database on demographics, socio-economics, demand and supply of care services, resources and finance. Facilities for electronic data interchange linked to the World Wide Web will be included

(2) a module for socio-economic monitoring and evaluation of care including various system-level performance indexes (effectiveness, economy, efficiency of care system)

(3) basic modelling facilities for simulation of alternative care systems.

The PLANEC-application will be developed in an iterative development process involving the users, researchers and software engineers, ensuring that key requirements such as user friendliness, flexibility and adaptability at the European level will be met. PLANEC will run on a PC in a Windows-environment, thus enabling the use of the application in distributed computer systems. Generic technology and, where possible, the SPSS statistical software package will be used in order to perform the analyses required.

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