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Exploitable results

The VREPAR project involves the development of a personal computer (PC) based virtual reality (VR) system to be used by psychologist, neurologists, physiopathologists and other specialists whose cost can be consistent with end-users economical capacity (hospitals, universities and research centres). To develop its PC based VR system, the VREPAR projects chose as its reference platform the high-end INTEL Pentium II based PCs. This choice will ensure availability, an open architecture and the possibility of benefiting from the improvements planned for these machine, mainly faster processors and enhanced multimedia support. The VREPAR project has developed an advanced VR all-purpose modular systems and 3 modules to be used in the assessment/treatment of eating-disorders, after-stroke disorders and finger-strength measuring. The three modules, together with the preliminary clinical data obtained, were accurately and positively reviewed by experts in the field. Also an evaluation has been made of the human factor approach followed by the project in the development of the three modules. The project VREPAR has provided in the case of eating disorders a sound pre-marketable product and in the other two cases a sound prototype.