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Support, Empowerment and Awareness for HIV/AIDS - the On-Line Research and Self-Help Exchange (SEAHORSE II) This is comprised of: - A content management system, focusing on an evolving knowledge base (client-server platform and available via Internet). - Navigation tools. - Content evaluation and revision tools. - Organisational support for knowledge producers and knowledge consumers. Although there is a plethora of healthcare websites providing information, SEAHORSE targets 'communities' rather than individual users. SEAHORSE supports users through "Sites". Each site is a user community within SEAHORSE. Sites present information in a particular way that is suitable to the needs and requirements of that particular community, wherever in Europe they may be. These communities can represent either the language or ethnic focus of the user as well as their "view point". For example, in healthcare applications SEAHORSE can have communities for patients, care workers, family and friends, clinicians and children and any other relevant groups. Essentially, SEAHORSE is a multilingual information database. The information that SEAHORSE makes available is stored in topic categories, and most commonly takes the form of articles, links to web sites, frequently asked questions and discussion group fora. SEAHORSE gives users access to a wealth of useful information for reference purposes but differs from conventional information sources in that it also gives users the opportunity to contribute their own information. For instance, users can review documents and Web sites, rate them for quality and usefulness and write comments about them. They can also suggest changes to the way information is categorised and described in the SEAHORSE database itself. Underlying the organisation of this information system is a basic philosophy: to provide the user with a means of exchanging information and experience with a wider community. SEAHORSE provides: - An on-line information resource containing up-to-the-minute information for use by all the stakeholder groups. - An enabler for enhanced communication between review bodies, consultants and managers in a secure and accountable context. - An integrated document, project and information management system. - A delivery medium for the huge amount of internally held data including a positive vetting system for marking information as public-domain, or assigning interest-groups. - The core of future developments in on-line document-based e-commerce activities (pay-per-view, subscription-based, secure transactions, digital watermarking). - Advanced searching of all published resources for both lay-persons and professionals.