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TELENURSE plans to promote an International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) and a clinical nursing minimum data set (NMDS) in electronic patient care records to counter the lack of uniform comparative descriptive data on hospital nursing and its cost-effectiveness. Formally requested by the International Council of Nurses, the ICNP (and NMDS) will offer a framework for suitably structured nursing information systems and care records which will be used to validate the applicability of ICNP to European health establishments. The project will also demonstrate the role of NMDS in comparative summaries of nursing activity.

Maintenance care and palliative care are major challenges to the European society.

Care for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill relies mainly on nurses who account for close to 50% of salaries in hospital charges. But no systematized standardized data are available to describe and compare nursing care activity, quality and cost effectiveness in hospitals. Telenurse will as an accompanying measure of the Telematics Application Programme in the Healthcare sector start to fill-up this gap by promoting the use of the emerging International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) and an associated clinical nursing minimum data set (NMDS) in electronic patient care records. Most of the group being active in this field in Europe are partners of the consortium. This will allow capitalizing on their experience by elaborating and initiating a strategy promoting the use of common nomenclature, minimum data set and data structure for nursing practice in Europe.

ICNP (a mandate of the International Council of Nurses to the consortium coordinator) will serve as a base for structuring information. Available nursing information systems and nursing care records presently being developed will be adapted to the use of ICNP and a NMDS. They will act as field test sites validating the structure of the ICNP and its applicability to European health care institutions and be presented as a basis for consensus building on ICNP and NMDS in Europe. Delegates of member states not present in the consortium will be invited to participate. NMDS will be analyzed to demonstrate their ability to summarize and compare nursing activity among wards, hospitals or countries. The data needed to describe the nursing care will also be evidenced for integration in parent electronic records and for standardization work by the official standardization authorities.

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