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23rd Meeting of the European Study Group for Cell Proliferation (ESGCP)


The ESGCP meetings aim to allow European Scientists and clinicians to present and discuss data in the field of cell proliferation. Understanding the control of cell proliferation (and how this control is frequently lost) is necessary for the early diagnosis and improved (novel) treatments for various diseases, including cancers. Similarly, regulation of cell loss via apoptosis is also crucial. This meeting will address these issues at the molecular level (e.g. signal transduction) as well as in the whole body (dietary manipulation) and combinations of the two (such as in gene therapy, or the studying the effects of ageing on the fidelity of cell replication). Many aspects of the "Cell Factory" key action are therefore addressed along with certain aspects of "Food, Nutrition and Health" and "The Ageing Population".

Each session of the meeting will therefore have recognised expert keynote speakers and will be accompanied by shorter presentations by delegates - particularly younger (student/postdoctoral) delegates. There will also be a number of poster presentations.
These ESGCP meetings have occurred every 18 months (this will be the 23rd meeting) but were originally set up to facilitate scientific exchange between eastern and western Europe. This is no longer the problem it once was and the meetings are therefore now aiming to restructure and evolve into a training forum for younger European scientists - allowing them to gain experience organising meetings and give oral presentations about their work in the presence of international experts. The longer term aim is therefore for young scientists to foster collaborations/gain expert guidance from the more experienced scientists and clinicians, which will then eventually enhance their status in this field (and hence European competitiveness with American academic scientists and Biotech companies).


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Macclesfield, Cheshire

United Kingdom