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The most exciting aspect of Nonlinear Dynamics (NLD) is that it brings together researchers from multiple disciplines, from Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, to Engineering, Economics, and Medicine, supplying them with a common language. NLD introduces a notion of "attractor" that is of such a subset of system's states that no matter what the initial conditions are, the system behaves like it is being attracted by this subset of states - after some transitional time reaches the attractor and stays within it unless forced to quit.

One hopes that EUROATTRACTOR Schools will constitute the platform for promoting the integration of development of NLD in Europe by attracting young researchers from many countries and from multiple disciplines to learn methods and applications of NLD from the leading scientists in the field, and also by including SME's that utilise methods of NLD in their products. The overall objective is to have a harmonised, coherent and integrated European system of interaction between young researchers and leading scientists, between academia and industry.

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SC - High Level Scientific Conference


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