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Transdisciplinary cybersymposium: "Pierre Curie and Marie Sklodowska-Curie: the first century of their impact on human knowledge"


Approximately one hundred years have passed since the Curies made their famous discoveries on radioactivity. Less known is the insightful work of Pierre Curie on symmetry in physics. The extension of this work requires a transdisciplinary approach. The Curies, at the time, could not have known the result of their labors. We have now a century's worth of hindsight. This cybersymposium will explore the influence of these two profound scientific discoveries upon science, society and philosophy.

Originally conceived as a conference to meet in physical space-time (France), due to asbestos removal efforts, this symposium will now be held electronically on the Internet as a cybersymposium, in this pioneering space we call the worldwide web. Not only are cybersymposium participants exploring the effects of the Curies' work on the world, but also the possibilities of this new medium of communication. Over 20 papers have been received so far. Contributing papers are invited in English or French for subsequent publication of symposium proceedings. These papers and other submitted will be made available for private or institutional use. Please consult the enclosure and web site for full details.

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