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Financial support for young researchers to participate in the large European Conference "EPDIC-7"


EPDIC is the only European Conference exclusively devoted to powder diffraction. The main objectives of the conference are to show the state-of-the-art of the technique (which are published later in the international journal Materials Science Forum) and to present the major instrumental advances. Since most large laboratories and industries have PD equipment, any advance in the technique has a direct impact in research and in production. The principal attractiveness of PD is that it provides information on both the structure and the microstructure of the materials. The advent of the PC's and the availability of large European facilities like ERSF or ILL have increased the possibilities of PD spectabularly. Actual relevant topics are the methodology for crystal structure determination from PD data and their combination with data coming from different sources. Improvement of this methodology is necessary for processing patterns collected in situ (e.g. reaction cells) or also under non-ambient conditions (high pressures). Other important topics for their technological significance are the mircrostructure modelling, the depth sensitive texture analysis and the use of X-ray mirrors to thin film analysis and multilayers reflectometry studies.

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