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Chemistry 2000


The main objective of this proposal for a series of EPHDCONF meetings is to bring younger researchers working in applied chemical science, engineering and technology in University, Industrial and National Laboratories together in a high profile European forum and to encourage interaction, networking and greater communication. Greater mobility, new projects and collaborations and greater European awareness and union are expected to result.

This can only be beneficial for the future cohesion and scientific and industrial leadership of Europe. Chemical science, engineering and technology will be interpreted broadly e.g. as represented by the Subject Group structure of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) and so the meeting will be truly multi-disciplinary. Some emphasis will also be paid to recruiting participants representing industrial R&D priorities as recently recognised by CEFIC.

Participants will be sought in the age range 21 to 35 years of age thus representing various career levels/attainments and working in Research and R&D where there is clear relevance to chemical and pharmaceutical industry - so not only Chemistry but aspects of the Bio-sciences, Physics, Engineering will be covered. The main aspects of the day will be Posters and Keynote/Short Talks by the participants.

Prizes will be available for the best work. Another important factor will be associating each EPHDCONF with two high profile meetings of the SCI - the oldest learned society in the world associated with the industry i.e. having the EPHDCONF meetings at the same time and in close conjunction with the Society's AGM/Annual Meeting (always held in early July in London) and its European Chemical Industry Annual Meeting -- ECIAM (always held in early October in Europe). In this way, younger researchers will have direct access to the industry's leaders, and vice-versa.


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