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International Crop Science Congress, European Society of Agronomy, Hamburg-D, August 2000


The aim of the international crop science congress is to contribute to the objectives of the Thematic Programme "Quality of life and management of living resources" on the European as well as on the global level. After two successful previous meetings (USA in 1992 & INDIA in 1996) the European Society of Agronomy (ESA) accepted the invitation to organize the Third International Congress to strengthen the transfer of knowledge within Europe and the international scientific communities. The congress will focus on sustainable and multifunctional land use and on future food security, in the context of the rising demand for crop products in the decades to come. Furthermore, the effects of increased crop production on the natural resource base and the environment will be addressed. Science-based innovations in agricultural technology, plant production systems & products are essential to meet the future needs of society.

Four themes have been selected for the Congress agenda: a) Facing the Growing Needs of Mankind; b) Stress in Crops and Cropping Systems; c) Diversity in Agro-Ecosystems and;d) Designing Crops and Cropping System for the future.

Key-note papers and selected abstracts will be published as book of abstracts, proceedings and in special issues of relevant Journals. In addition poster sessions will be used every day for further discussion on the four themes. The afternoon sessions and the poster sessions will provide opportunities to highlight different approaches to the same problem, get scientists and professionals to know colleagues working in other regions and countries on the same or similar problems, aiming at future co-operation. It can be expected that knowledge transfer of innovative technologies will be become available between scientists of more advanced regions and of less-favoured regions in Europe and of developing countries. Emphasis will be given to holistic approach of problems regarding Agenda 2000 in a global perspective.

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