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Damages caused by pollution has continuously increased during the last decades, thus the monitoring of chemical and bio-pollutants constitutes an economic challenge all around the world. To fit with the requirements of quite low detection levels and continuous monitoring constraints, it becomes necessary to develop new systems.

The incorporation of biosensors in such control systems appears as a promising way. So the objective of this Euro-conference will be an extensive presentation of the principles of biosensors and their specific advantages compared to classical analytical systems, and what they can bring in the environmental field. Through the key lectures contents and the more specific cases presented, the inter-disciplinary character of the biosensors field will be underlined.

The attendance of scientists of high level at this events, specialised in various scientific domains, such as biochemistry, chemistry, micro-technologies, signal processing, can induce new ideas, new sensors and new research directions. The event will be introduced by a key speaker who is in charge of the co-ordination of the EU concerned action BIOSET on biosensors for environmental monitoring and will be the warrant of an up to date presentation of the developments and prospects in these fields.


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