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EuroWorkshops on Advanced Signal Processing: Theory & Implementation for Radar, Sonar & Medical Imaging Systems


The FOURIER Euroworkshop project is intended to address implementation issues of advanced signal processing schemes in real time medical diagnostic imaging, radar and sonar systems. It will focus on the development of generic signal processing structures that will exploit the great degree of processing concept similarities existing among the above systems of interest. Several review articles, conferences and textbooks on sonar, radar and medical imaging system technologies have provided detailed description of the mainstream signal processing functions along with their associated implementation considerations. Their emphasis, however, was placed on the mainstream conventional signal processing of current real time systems that consists of a selection of temporeal and spatial processing algorithms.

These algorithms are designed to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for improved functionality in detection while simultaneously providing parameter estimates such as frequency, time-delay, Doppler and bearing for incorporation into image reconstruction, localization, classification and signal tracking algorithms. The FOURIER Euroworkshop will attempt to extend the scope of these previous efforts by introducing an implementation study of advanced (i.e. adaptive, synthetic aperture) processing schemes in real time systems as a unified advanced signal processing theory. Moreover, the reported real data results will show that the advanced processing schemes provide improvements in array gain for signals embedded in partially correlated noise fields such as those in the human body, atmosphere and underwater environments. Furthermore, it will be shown that the array gain improvements result in significantly better image resolution improvements of diagnostic importance for non-invasive medical imaging systems. Thus, emphasis will be placed on topics that have been found to be particularly useful in practice for real-time radar, sonar and medical (CT, MRI, Ultrasound) systems.


Type of Event: Euro Workshop
This Event Takes Place In Corfu