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The topic of this PhD EuroConference is the complex analysis and holomorphic dynamics of one and several complex variables. These are rapidly growing areas which go now through an especially exciting phase, and they are associated to many of the recent most remarkable developments in pure and applied mathematics (recall for instance that some of the last Field Medals have been awarded for significant progress to bring together all the young leading figures in these fields and have them expose and discuss their work, in most cases related to recent advances towards the solutions of the main open problems in their respective areas.

Among these topics we find, for example: Julia sets of positive area, local connectivity of the Mandelbrot set, discontinuities on the Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets, holomorphic motions of hyperbolic sets, local behaviour of several complex variables maps around a fixed point, structure of automorphisms of the n-dimensional complex space, etc. All of them will surely be present in the conference age, have already played a significant role in the recent history of these problems. An important objective is also the stimulation of interdisciplinarity.

Complex analysis, in several of its various aspects, has been a basic tools in the development of holomorphic dynamics. But, the interaction works in both ways: in the recent years a substantial part of the development of complex analysis has originated in complex dynamics (for instance, quasiconformal mapping in one variable or pluripotential theory in several variables). In this conference, researchers of all these areas will be present and will therefore benefit from each other's knowledge and, probably, different point of view.

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