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Etro working parties


We propose here a series of 5 Euroconferences on Thrombosis where specialists from European Thrombosis Research Organisation (ETRO) Laboratories (annex 1) and other experts in the field will meet young and promising European investigators to present and discuss their work and ideas.

This will be a series of high level meetings as they will be organised by the chairmen of the ETRO Working Parties (W.P.) involved. ETRO W.P. is groups of 8-10 laboratories interested in topics related to thrombosis research and are mainly aimed at establishing scientific and personal relationship among the member laboratories. Thrombosis refers to the occlusion of a blood vessel by a thrombus, a solid mass composed of blood cells enmeshed in a network of fibrin fibres. As a consequence of the occlusion of an artery carrying nutrients towards an organ, its tissue rapidly dies from lack of oxygen. Thrombosis in veins impedes the return of blood from tissues to the heart.

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Theodor Kocher Institute, Freie Str. 1
3012 Bern

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