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Barcelona 2001 EuroPhd Topology Conference: Homotopy Theory and Applications


The lately fundamental advances made in the study of Stable and Unstable Homotopy are nowadays spreading to some other activite areas of Mathematics and Physics, where they have been shown to be very successful tools at the cutting-edge of research. European Summer Schools held at the CRM since 1995 have addressed many of these advances, and they provided many of the actual European young researchers with their very first contact with the subject. Therefore, the aim of this PhD Euroconference (YECAT 2001) is to offer the opportunity to meet again European young researchers in algebraic topology, and show and know the latest advances on the subject. New viewpoints will make applications of their results to other areas possible.

Within that spirit, a group of renowed European young researchers have been selected, fitting in the profile: - The researcher is (and will be) a European young researcher. - His/Her research is not only focused in Homotopy Theory but it is an example of interaction between different areas of knowledge. - He/She is a renowed specialist on his/her research area.
The core of the conference will consist in the talks given by these speakers, but also several short communications are scheduled, this allowing the other European young researchers to expose their advances in the subject.

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Type of Event: PhD Euro Conference
This event takes place in bellaterra (barcelona)


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