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The HERCULES Course is designed to train young European researchers, either Phd students or post-doctoral scientists to optimise their use of the Large Installation (L.I) of neutron (n) and synchrotron radiation (S.R) for studies in the fields of Solid State Physics and Chemistry, Structural Molecular Biology, Materials Science, Geoscience and Industrial Applications. Since its inception in 1991, the principal emphasis of this course has been placed on practical laboratory carried out in four partner L.I. (ESRF, ILL, LURE, LLB), accompanied by tutorials and lectures.

The need for such a training at a European level has been clearly expressed: at the end of the 1999 session, about 650 European young researchers will have attended the course, out of 1200 applicants, with the permanent financial support of the CEC (Science, HCM, TMR). One of the aims of HERCULES was to help build a European network of young researchers using n. and S.R. for condensed matter studies. In this context, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Course, we wish to reactivate the links and reinforce the contacts between the past HERCULES participants by organizing the HERCULES X EuroConference at the end of the normal HERCULES 2000 sessions.

The main objective of this EuroConference is to bring together all the HERCULES participants (past and HERCULES 2000 sessions) and high level lecturers on challenging topics and highlights related to recent developments and applications of n. and S.R. (see item 3 and 4) in the multidisciplinary fields covered by the Courses. The organizers will do their best to magnify, as far as possible, the scientific exchange between all the attendees (HERCULES participants, invited lecturers, ESRF and ILL permanent scientists) via oral contributions, poster sessions, clips and round tables.

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