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XIX International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems


This is the XIX edition of this biennial series of conferences and is jointly organized by the three European Large Scale Facilities on magnetic resonance (Florence, Frankfurt and Utrecht). This conference intends to cover all aspects of magnetic resonance in the life sciences, a field undergoing a great expansion, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and attracting more and more attention from governments and research funding agencies. The following topics will be covered: protein structure, folding, and dynamics; solid state NMR and membrane proteins; high field ENDOR and high field EPR; NMR spectroscopy and technological advancements (quadrupolar nuclei, paramagnetic NMR, DNP, relaxometry, high field effects in NMR); in vivo spectroscopy and imaging; DNA, RNA, and nucleotides and their interaction with proteins; structure-activity relationship and drug discovery; computation and dynamics; related techniques. An International Advisory Board helps the organizers to select topics that are timely and have future promise. Particular attention will be devoted to new and promising areas of research as well as to emerging methodological tools.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Florence