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Vibrations at Surfaces: from model to complex systems


The vibrational motions that occur at surfaces and at interfaces are of paramount importance to understand the dynamics of interaction and reactivity. Many phenomena rely on this motions: adhesions, sticking, diffusion, catalysis, friction, lubrication. Scientists from fundamental and applied field must bring together their knowledge and expertise and initiate close collaborations in order to tackle these important phenomena. The objective of this conference is to bring together the world-known experts in this community, and, more importantly to ensure a forum of discussions with young researchers. Vibrations at surfaces belongs to a series that is mainly attended by Europeans. This conference has always attracted young scientist in this field, mainly due to the lively atmosphere and the presence of the most important leading scientists. VAS-10, which will be help in France, will provide a milestone to the understanding of the vibrational properties of more complexes surfaces (metal, semiconductors, insulators), in interaction with complexes environment (high pressure and high temperature), and more complex surfaces (in particular of biological interest).

Twelve topics will be covered by twelve invited speakers, plus 3 oral presentations. (Interactions processes in Electrochemistry, High pressures and high temperatures interactions (catalysis), Dynamical aspects of interface reactivity (energy exchange). Chemicals reactions (including time - evolved studies), Microscopic aspects of interaction and reactivity (STM and electric field-driven reactivity), Semiconductors surfaces, Insulators surface (including glass), Complex interfaces, complex environments (Biology), Diffusion and Phase transition at surfaces, Novel and Technological important materials, Phonon and phonon driven processes at surfaces, Vibrational spectroscopy of adsorbates at Solid-Vacuum interfaces, New technological developments).


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Saint-malo