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New Economic Windows: New Paradigms for the New Millennium


Objective: to organise a EuroConference, with non-profit purpose, to promote scientific excellence in Economics. There is a strong scientific, socio-economic reason for this project: 1) Economics Theory was not generally able to control the Economic swing, the Scientific disciplines seems better structured for this end; 2) many experienced researchers are long proposing a complex approach. We want to contribute to the advancement of Science through exchange of experience by such top researchers, and to create conditions for researchers, working at the cutting multidisciplinary edge (Application of Complex Approach), to share their knowledge to the younger. We will disseminate the results of the proceedings.

There are 3 different events, that take place within 36 months, strictly interrelated: 1) Science and Methodologies - the Top researchers (Nobel Prices or equivalent idea leaders) will take the floor explaining which new paradigms they will suggest. We invite Arrow, Prigogine, Mandelbrot, Zadeh and Samuelson; 2) Methodological Limits and the Control of Economics - experienced Economist will contribute; 3) Applicative Experiences - younger doctorates will present applied research using the complex approach. Each work will have a discussant. A price - a gold medal - will be "organised" for the best contribution from younger researchers. This approach (Chaos, Fuzzy, ANN, Irreversibility, Fractals, GA, Self-Organisation) is strongly multidisciplinary. The methodological results will involve many disciplines (S-08, S-11, P-16, S-13). The project tries to develop a unified view of the multidisciplinary concept of complexity and to push new application in economics and to contribute to the advance of Science's Methodology and Economics.

The point is : Could the complex perspective contribute to economics? Which sort of complex methodology is adapt for Economics? The Project will "catalyse new collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines and to encourage the practical applications of its results".

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
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