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Molecules of Biological Interest in the Gas Phase


The proposed series on "Molecules of Biological Interest in the Gas Phase" combines the interests of three groups belonging to different scientific disciplines: molecular physicists, quantum chemists and biochemists involved in modelling of biomolecular structures and mechanisms. As far as we know, these conferences would be the first events ever gathering these three different communities, which have their own specialised meetings, and thus do not have the opportunity to know each others. They will be a forum for the confrontation and exchange of viewponts on common fundamental problems and applications, which they address independently with different customs and scientific languages. The present proposal is prompted by the emergence of a scientific research field, which promises new developments in the investigation of biological molecules such as nucleotides, peptides and drugs. Although far from "in vivo" conditions, gas-phase studies provide deeper insights into biomolecules and their interactions.

By means of sophisticated experimental techniques coupled to high-level quantum chemistry domputations, they bring acute information isolated elementary systems, which are entangled by environmental effects in the condensed phase. Beside fundamental aspects, the combination of these advanced methods have a large potential for practical applications such as analytical purpose in biochemistry or laser-tissue interactions for diagnosis or treatment of cancer. The main goal of the first event "Experimental Tools and Quantum Chemistry EuroConference" is to explore which experimental and theoretical problems can be best addressed in the gas phase and what are their relevance to biochemistry and medicine. It will be devoted to advertise for this new field of science and to seed the existing techniques into a large community of especially young European scientists. It will have both an educational, open-minded and prospective character in order to suggest new lines of research


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Les Houches