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Design of Process Engineering Machinery with special reference to exceptional mechanical, thermal or chemical application of stress


At the design of process engineering machines nowadays not enough attention is given to interdisciplinary co-operation. But especially with stress afflicted machines it is necessary to have a constant exchange of information. The formation of young researchers also is carried out in this way, it is strictly specialised. In this context innovative concepts have to be developed in order to solve complex problems with the help of the interdisciplinary co-operation of mechanical engineering, process engineering and material sciences. For this, it is necessary to form a platform were specialists from all disciplines have the opportunity to discuss their problems and to acquire new information. Above all this forum will give young researchers the possibility to get to know about the other sides of the design process.

It will be very significant for researchers to practice the interdisciplinary co-word in a very early period of their formation and the proposed Euro-Conference will give the best framework for this. The basic idea of the conference is based on the fact that all engineering processes are bound to the usage of machines, devices and apparatuses, which are referred from other areas of mechanical engineering or developed particularly for the respective procedure. But load-fair and demand-fair interpretation of machines in use have only found attention in special cases. The research within the area of process-fair interpretation of process engineering machines achieved a high world standard, nevertheless the demand-fair interpretation and the process-fair execution are so far neglected. With consideration of these criteria the objective of the conference can be determined to: Bases of the interpretation and process-fair execution for transformation, processing and feed of solid mixtures including the bases to the firmness-, material- and production-correct structuring.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Clausthal-zellerfeld