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Joint Global Ocean Flux Studies - Second Open Science Conference


The role of the oceans in controlling climate change through the transport and storage of greenhouse gases, in particular carbon dioxide, has been the focus of the decade of research of the joint Global Ocean Flux Studies (JGOFS), a core project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. This large body of research comprising phisical oceanography, chemistry, biology, remote sensing and modelling is now being synthesized to a global view of oceanic processes and their role in climate change. The 2nd JGOFS Conference is designed as a highlight of this synthesis phase and will be attended by a large international and interdisciplinary scientific community.

It aims to summarize the scientific achievements in ten selected topics, to further develop the global synthesis of ocean biogeochemical research and to identify the topics of high relevance for future research. It addresses not only scientists involved in the JGOFS programme, but is of interest to researchers in climate research, atmospheric chemistry, palaeoceanography and marine biodiversity. The foundations laid by this summary of ocean biogeochemical research can also be used as a basis for assessments of the potential exploitation of oceanic resources and the effects of human impacts. This conference is of relevance to those oceans in climate change and the sustainable use of marine resources.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Bergen