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Information and Computer Technology for Collaborative Architectural Design


Current activities of design offices ask for an initiative and methods to support their demand for multidisciplinary and multi-located virtual collaborative architectural design. They need new methods and reflections to support and enhance their economic international possibilities and activities. Human Computer Interfaces do not provide efficient tools for communications of spatial problems and tools for virtual collaborative work do not provide good synchronous working methods. Architectural design is a highly creative design process, which asks for a sophisticated system enabling the representation, manipulation and communication of three-dimensional (3D) information. In order to collaborate during an architectural design process there is the need for a system, which provides for synchronous work sessions of multiple design parties. {ACCOLADE} brings together all knowledge available in the domain of Virtual Collaborative Design, confronts current ideas and will produce a forum for further developments in the field, thus taking the challenge of Virtual Architectural Collaborative Design. {ACCOLADE} intends to explore possibilities to incorporate 3D-design artefacts (models) within the 3D meeting space.

{ACCOLADE} focuses on two main themes to enhance virtual collaborative design: synchronous collaboration and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Starting from currently available collaboration tools, the Euro Workshop will discuss innovative Human Computer Interfaces to support synchronous collaboration for multi-disciplinary architectural design. Those interfaces should not hinder the creative processes and they should enhance the interaction between different design professionals in Europe. The overall content of the EuroWorkshop will focus on the following topics: Collaboration tools 1 group-ware. Design protocol analysis & group processes, Interfaces for Virtual Collaborative Design, Specific demands for the architectural design process. By using pre- and post-conference e-mail discussions, by getting input from industry and by having an inspiring conference environment, it is the aim to stimulate informal contacts.

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