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Euroconference on Innovation, Economic Growth, and European Regional Cohesion


It is now clear to all economists that the rate of economic growth is the main determinant of welfare of a nation in the long run. Hence, perhaps the most important question economists can ask how do create the right (social, political and economic) environment to enhance the rate of economic progress. With this conference we plan to bring together the top young European researchers to discuss recent developments in the theory and practice of economic growth as well as their policy implications, with special emphasis on their applications to European technological progress, economic growth, and regional cohesion.

Within this framework, we plan to invite and select papers in four main areas of research: (1) Product innovation and technological progress, (2) The impact of legal and financial institutions in the process of economic growth, (3) regional economic growth, European regional cohesion and the role of the EU government in the process of regional growth and convergence.

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This event takes place in UPF-Barcelona


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