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Josephson devices


The conference will be dedicated to an advanced discussion of the present state-of-art and future perspectives of superconducting Josephson electronic devices with particular attention to their impact in technological and industrial applications. The project will develop along two meetings: the first one will be devoted to the most recent developments in the field of Multi-junction devices, both with Low Critical Temperature (LCT) and High Critical Temperature (HTC) materials. Among the applications we want to mention large square arrays of LTC Josephson junctions (that have been proved capable of coherent emission with significant power delivered above 100 GHz) and the development of HTC devices capable to reach the sub-millimeter wavelengths.

The second event will be devoted to HTC materials and devices that via the so-called intrinsic Josephson effect might become the Josephson technology of the future. This is due to the possibility to have intrinsic Josephson junctions in HTC-BISCCO compounds that in terms of homogeneity and high frequency properties have been proved one of the best types of junctions that can be realised with HTC superconductors. The close link between the two events it is found in the possibility of the use LTC devices to model the behaviour of HTC materials like BISCCO. So the layered structure of BISCCO can be considered, for example, as a stack of superconducting sheets separated by weak links similar to an array of stacked LTC junctions.

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