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Atom Optics and Interferometry


The field of Atom Optics and Interferometry has undergone a tremendous growth during the last years. The possibility to guide and store atoms in laser and/or magnetic structure, combined with cooling methods based either on atom-light interaction or evaporation of particles, has led to spectacular developments both in our understanding of the properties of dilute matter at ultra-low temperatures, and in the achievement of new optical elements and sensors using atoms. The goal of the Conference is to give an outline of the state-of-the-art of this rapidly varying field of research. A strong emphasis will be put on the generation of coherent matter waves. The characterisation of these new atomic sources will be addressed, as well as their generalisation to molecular species. The role of atomic interactions between cold atoms will also be a central theme of discussion in the conference.

A good understanding of this topic is essential, for instance for evaluating the performances of metrology devices based on cold atoms. Also these interactions are at the basis of the possible use of ultra-cold neutral atoms in Quantum Information Processing. The applications of atom optics and interferometry will also be addressed in detail, ranging from the realisation of inertial and gravitational sensors, to the prospects in the field of atom lithography and holography. The performances of these devices, both for basic physics such as tests of general relativity, and for technological purposes - navigation, generation of nano-structures - will be discussed.

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