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During tyhe last 25 years, Developmental Biology has established itself as one of the most vigorous and rapidly expanding areas of biological research world-wide, and the field is still experiencing strong growth. The series of Conferences on Developmental Biology sponsored by the European Science Foundation has provided in the past an invaluable forum for exchange of information and ideas among students of animal development. Therefore, as in previous meetings, the work presented by invited participants in 2000 will represent the most topical and interesting problems with which the discipline is confronted.

The Conference will have as its main topic the Control of Morphogenesis, one of the most complicated aspects of development. The aim is to understand how the targets of regulatory molecules succeed in executing the co-ordinated changes in cell behaviour required to alter the shape, architecture and topographical relationships of tissues as the embryo develops.

The object of the meeting in 2000 will be to focus on the molecular and cellular bases for the morphogenetic changes that occur during axis formation and early pattern formation, as well as during the development of specific tissues and organs. Areas covered will include epithelial-mesenchymal interactions, myogenesis and neurogenesis. Some of the elementary components for morphogenesis, such as cell polarity and cell movement in the context of development, will also be considered.


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