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Content archived on 2024-05-21

High Performance Fibers


Fibers stand as the strongest and stiffest materials and constitute the critical component of composites, which are rapidly replacing traditional materials in structural applications. The outstanding fiber properties come from the strong ionic covalent or metallic bonds, which sustain the load. As the ductility of these links is very limited, fibers are brittle and their ultimate strength is controlled by their fracture behaviour. Further improvements in fiber properties can be obtained through a deeper knowledge of the physical mechanisms involved in fiber fracture, and this is the main objective of the interdisciplinary workshop in fiber fracture. Evidently, improving the fiber properties will have significant consequences in the development of new composite materials with enhanced properties. The micromechanisms of fracture depend on the fiber nature and structure. The workshop will get together leading scientists working in polymeric (either natural or synthetic), metallic and ceramic fibers, which will present the current development in each field improve the fracture resistance of high performance fibers.

It is expected that successful ideas in the development of a kind of fibers may lead to cross fertilization in other field, and the discussions among scientists with different backgrounds will be encouraged. The workshop also expects to provide a balance between basic research and industrial applications by choosing invited speakers from academia, research laboratories and industrial enterprises. The main conclusions of the meeting will be summarized in an overview session the last days of the meeting. In addition, all the invited talk will be published in a special issue of the international journal Engineering Fracture Mechanics.

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